Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's Talk Fundamentalism Shall We, Religion of Peace, I think NOT.

This, is an Outrage---Trafficking of young Christian women, Egypt, who are Kidnapped, Raped, forced to convert AGAINST THEIR WILL, and never seeing their families again...worse, many of them are then 'forced organ donors', meaning, their organs are taken from them, Who knows,

how many of them are Dead.

And yet, Dare we, demand a woman to remove a full face veil for Identification purposes,


Well, it's time to confront it, and its not just in Egypt the persecution of young women Because they are not Muslim is common place, but in Pakistan, India [persecution by Hindu extremists, so its not always Muslims] and in Algeria, Sudan, etc.

What gets me about this, is that here in America too, we see those same 'prejudices', by Feminists even, its 'cool' to slam Christianity, to do so under the veil of confronting fundamentalism--but the true goal is not to 'free women from fundamentalism' as much as its just to create hostility towards a faith. And its those who will keep silent in regards to some of the most horrid human right abuses To women--in Islam.

But I ask, What about those women, who are Not Muslim, maybe they are not Christian either, but they suffer horrible human right abuses, especially Rape--and yet, there is little to NO outrage here, among women or among so called 'women's right's on their behalf, Why is that?

Is it now One standard for Western women and another standard for Christian women overseas, does Human Rights for Women fall under some 'quota' as to where they are, whom they are, what kind of nation they live in, etc? Is 'faith' a requirement or Non-faith a requirement BEFORE ACTION AND OUTRAGE CAN BE TAKEN ON BEHALF OF THE PERSECUTED?

If so, then human rights and feminism is sheer HYPOCRISY.

It is for This reason, I am picking these issues Back up here, on WAMI,

because whether a woman is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan,

no group, has the God given 'right' to kidnap, rape, force convert, force marry, Any woman....there is NO license given by Any God to do so,

and those men and women who Do these things, I just want you to know,

if you continue in them, YOU will, one day, answer for your crimes...if not in this lifetime, on judgment day. That I do believe....

and the thing is, in every human being, unless they are so overtaken by EVIL, knows this is is WRONG to commit such abuses to Any human, male or female. It goes contrary to Natural Law inside all of us---that is given to us, yes, by God.

For more about the kidnapping, rapes and forced conversions of young Christian women, see article here,

and recent article in Washington Times on this.

More later,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Continuing to Confront Misogyny While Working through My Faith

Update...its been a long while since posting on this blog, thought it time for update. I've been writing more on my other blog, which has more to do with confronting sexism within Christian communities [or who claim Christian, some are clearly not--some are just deceived--as I once was] and working through well, just a lot of personal issues.

I still continue to also confront Islamic fundamentalism-oppression of women--but its NOT my 'only' focus now, because I do see how that same type of fundamentalist woman hate is in some sects of Christianity too--AS well as in the secular. I'm coming more to the conclusion that Dogma is Dogma, and well, some Dogma is worse because its dogma with a gun,

so to speak. While I do not believe we should ever underestimate the danger of political Islam--because we surely can't, on the other hand, where women are concerned, Islam is not the Only oppressive system--or oppression.

More and more I'm moving away from the 'group ISMs' and just confronting ISSUES in themselves, as well as confronting evil and the lack of love and mercy in our world. In humanity, along with dealing with my own sinful nature, per se--

a lot has changed in me since I first started this blog--I don't get As angry any more, that's a good thing, Christ has healed so much in me, but that doesn't mean that the issues, the horrors, still don't cause me anger or grief, they sure do, and fear,

as well as Guilt. You know, when we live in relative safe places [though we might not be safe within our intimate environment] there can be a type of survivor guilt--this is something I'm working with now, how sometimes we can focus also on issues to Avoid dealing with the demons in our own lives,

ON the other hand, we can become so wrapped up in 'our own lives' that we forsake all others,

but, I have been wondering about Why God allowed me to go through so many years of anger and rebellion--to bring me back to a place of repentance and healing, not perfection--no, I still sin--we are saved by His Grace, not our 'own efforts', but its a 'growth' process--that does not mean we aren't accountable to Him for our sins though or that we can just do as we please, etc., we are to Abide in Him, to abide in His Grace, its not cheap--it Cost Him something precious, we should never forget that,

Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I'm seeing how for me anyway, that maybe what God is doing with and through me, is actually reaching out to those who like me, in anger/brokenness get into the political--out of fear, resentment, maybe even that sense of indignation, but who are more harmful, being zealots...because you see, while being zealous to do good is honorable, Without Love, it is a breeding ground for evil. What we 'measure out' is measured back to us, what we judge, we are then judged,

there is no respecter of persons OR gender here where God is concerned.

But what I also learned, is that in a lot of raging against the injustices of the world, that often times, it comes from an Anger at God--life is unfair, why we know better than God, why doesn't God do anything, etc etc etc.,

and while we may rage, yell, protest, the thing is, what do we Really do, to minister to the needs of those who ARE hurting?

All the years, I raged, wrote, protested, Did I feed the hungry, clothe the poor, relieve the afflicted, give water to the thirsty, visit the prisoner, and Did I do these things in the Love of God?

Sometimes, but rarely, I did--you see, its way easier, to curse the darkness, to revolt, to rage,

its NOT so easy, to suffer, suffer in doing good in a world bent on evil. I'm learning some humbling, hard lessons, but I am glad--better to be corrected by God than to not be--and answer later,

anyway, I have another blog--I am listing it here today, as I am writing more there--my direction is changing...I still cover issues,

but it seems more and more, I want to go to more hands on relief--work,

as Christ changes me--well, it pours out. Not that the change is immediate or that I don't fall back into old habits--I do,

but, one thing, I never want to go back to being that woman again--because no matter how horrible this world is, I know, there IS an eternal--I know, that Jesus is Real, that He is Living, that He will one day, return...I know, He loves me,

and its His love, that has changed me--His kindness, that leads us to repentance--repentance is not just immediate--its a whole entire change,

an inside change. Not just external--though its not this la la land existence either, its NOT about religion,

its about Relationship.

That I am learning--and its not always Easy, no way, easy,

More though, its about Love, and love isn't just some warm feeling or cliche or pretense--I still have a lot to learn,

but I'm getting step, at a time.

I will sign this, under this blog's name, Natasha,

I use the name Jane, for janedoe, on my other blog...btw, neither are my real name. I used the pen names, to represent someone or something,

to be honest in some ways I'm a tad ashamed of this blog--so much hate and anger here, but I left it, because, well, it shows, what Christ can do, to a human heart...

probably more, than just 'talking' about it.

So, will return to this blog--or I'll just leave it, don't know yet, but you can follow me on the other,

peace, in Jesus Christ,

Natasha--or Jane

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


[see post below--this is in addition to]

lets begin here, take a look Western Women--at the Reality, of what the Women, Girls in Afghanistan live with, corrupted War Lords supported by OUR GOVERNMENT, and not just in Afghanistan, but in Iraq...and may I also say, the support of governments that are Notorious, for doing these same horrors, to Christian women [and the media is very quite about this real fact--such as the Christian women who are repeatedly raped in Pakistan, who are forced to carry human feces, as punishment, for being Christian--brutality isn't discriminatory--and its time, to confront it at its roots, of justifications, Patriarchy and Misogyny under Theocracy AND religion. I say this, as a Christian--who does NOT believe, MEN ARE SUPERIOR TO WOMEN and have these ENTITLEMENTS TO ABUSE WOMEN, BE IT THEIR WIVES OR OTHER WOMEN. I will be writing on the horrors that Christian women, in Iraq and Pakistan, India, have been suffering, silently, the horrid thing is, even the Muslim women in these areas and Hindu women, do not support the poorest of the poor in these countries--the Christians, because they are deemed 'infidels' and the women/girls are raped and brutalized with impunity and without any empathy even from the women in those countries, I do wonder though, if that may be contributed to the fact that IF these Muslim women lifted a finger, those who are not 'oppressors' themselves, would pay a high price, in the misogynist societies, and point being, we, Women, have got to stop Pandering to ALL MISOGYNY, and the 'excuses' and the sticking our heads in sand, at the abuses of women, children, its that simple, because to not confront Violence and Evil, is to give your 'o.k.' to it. And it only furthers the world of misogyny, violence, power and abuse of power, war, child abuse, discrimination, Sharia laws and religious cults and spiritual abuses, etc. Either we stand for justice, peace, equality, love, LOVE, OR WE DON'T,




More on the reason why 'switching' fundamentalism is not the 'answer' to the plight of women--and why, any who truly are for elevating the status AND safety AND welfare of Women--need to stop supporting the 'lip service' promises that are just as misogynist as the other, who kill and butcher and rape girls and women and young boys, with as much hatred and zeal and religious 'justifications' or 'materialist' justifications--why they are really, just the same, Boys joined at the Loins club, using Might and Power--to brutalize and oppress,


More on why WAR escalation in Afghanistan--simply switching power from one misogynist reactionary thug group to another, in NO WAY, LIBERATES WOMEN...and we, are FED UP, with Women's Rights, being used as 'THE LIE' to prop up, more despots for greed, 'trade' and oil and arms.

[note: I would think, the women on the ground there, the poor who are 'not protected by the Drug and Extortion monies, would know far more, about the Reality, of the 'lack of liberation for women' than MEN and the Parrot women in the West, who support this war front. I see the photos and I think--they are our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, they are US---women, and as a woman, I, can not wrap my mind, around supporting one more 'boys club' and THE WAR DOGS who not only turn a blind eye to these horrors, but who make 'wealth' and 'Power' via supporting these War Lords, I don't care 'who' they are OR WHAT GOD THEY CLAIM. Women, its time, to say, NO MORE--ENOUGH, NO MORE WAR, NO MORE EXCUSES FOR RAPE, MISOGYNY, POVERTY, WAR

NO MORE. This, is not about fighting for Freedom, it would be one thing if it was, but any one with any Thinking sense, can see the hundreds of photos, of the children, the women, the girls who have torched themselves in Desperation to flee the violence and the misogyny that goes on with impunity, to not see, that something is terribly wrong, with the picture and the so called 'claims of democracy'. Democracy for Who, I ask? MEN WHO RAPE KIDS?


EVIL----and I, will not support it, I hope, neither do you. And, yes, the Taliban are evil, granted, but you know,


Not all feminists love escalation in Afghanistan
Maybe RAWA and its allies would have a better shot at power if the occupation wasn’t shoveling billions of dollars to the most reactionary elements in society.

Dana Goldstein has a piece called "Why Feminists Love the Surge" in the Daily Beast. Her prime example is Eleanor Smeal, founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation, which has advocating for women and girls in Afghanistan since 1996. Smeal believes that long-term U.S. military occupation is the only way to save women and girls from the horrors of another Taliban-style regime.

Yet, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), the nation's oldest and most illustrious feminist group, opposes the U.S. occupation. RAWA argues that the real enemy of women's rights in Afghanistan is religious fundamentalism, not the Taliban, per se.

RAWA sees the U.S. occupation entrenching a regime stuffed to the gills with fundamentalists, reactionaries, misogynists, criminals, and warlords. As the group says on its website:

The US "War on terrorism" removed the Taliban regime in October 2001, but it has not removed religious fundamentalism which is the main cause of all our miseries. In fact, by reinstalling the warlords in power in Afghanistan, the US administration is replacing one fundamentalist regime with another. The US government and Mr. Karzai mostly rely on Northern Alliance criminal leaders who are as brutal and misogynist as the Taliban.

RAWA believes that freedom and democracy can’t be donated; it is the duty of the people of a country to fight and achieve these values. Under the US-supported government, the sworn enemies of human rights, democracy and secularism have gripped their claws over our country and attempt to restore their religious fascism on our people.

At feministe, Frau Sally Benz links to an interview with a RAWA spokeswoman known only by the pseudonym "Zoya." Zoya's on a speaking tour, but her face is blurred out for her own safety. Even in occupied Afghanistan, it's dangerous for women to speak out.

Westerners usually frame the debate over U.S./NATO policy in Afghanistan is usually framed as a choice between handing the country back to the Taliban or propping up the Karzai regime. The latter is assumed to be a dramatically better option for women's rights.

Karzai pays lip service to women's rights, but jettisons them whenever they need to make a compromise to stay in power. It should be noted that the Karzai government was responsible for the infamous Shia Family Law which legalized marital rape within Shia marriages.

Last month, Malalai Joya, a former member of the Afghan parliament, told Michelle Goldberg of the Daily Beast that the situation for Afghan women is every bit as bad under Karzai as it was under the Taliban. Joya is also concerned that civilian casualties are fueling popular support for the Taliban.

RAWA and its grassroots allies think that pro-democracy forces could transform the country on their own without U.S. military occupation. That's a point of view we seldom hear in U.S. media.

I don't know how realistic it is to think that pro-democracy forces could prevail against warlords and the Taliban, but the question hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as the issue of whether the U.S. could force reform at gunpoint. Maybe RAWA and its allies would have a better shot at power if the occupation wasn't shoveling billions of dollars to the most reactionary elements in society.

Category: English, RAWA in Media

coming later, the other side of misogyny, the rapes, oppression, brutality against Christian women, in nations, that oppress their women [the beauty of the male hierarchy eh] that we Don't hear about....because, if we are going to confront violence against women, THEN IT HAS TO BE, FOR ALL WOMEN, not just Muslim women or Christian women or Secular women, but ALL WOMEN,

or our 'cries' will go unheard by God, who IS NO RESPECTER, OF PERSONS.


Monday, December 7, 2009


I am, today, livid...actually, I'm livid quite a lot of the time, Why? Because, I live in a nation where numerous 'churches' in the name of God, support a system, a government, that is all in love with War--using 'moral reasoning's' that are really just BOGUS,

to support, Wealth, but not only supporting wealth but more often than not, to clean up their MESSES they made when they propped up the despots in THE FIRST DAMN PLACE, such as the Taliban [we so forget that it was the United States that kissed the asses of Taliban to fight the Communists back during the butcher Reagan years],

not only that, but we forget, that the majority of murderers on the planes of 9-11 were from Saudi, yet our president kisses the hand of the king of Saudi, a nation that just prior refused the divorce of AN 8 YEAR OLD GIRL, for crying out loud, 8 years old, child RAPE, CHILD ABUSE, and here we have leaders who kiss their hands--so much for Democracy and Human Rights [its all lip service],

and now more troops to Afghanistan. I tend to not talk much on these issues with other Christians because I find that they get offended easily--not because they are malicious as much as they, like numerous other Americans, have been 'mislead' through centuries of 'moral reasoning HYPE that America is so good at and its not that America has Always been wrong, no, but since WWII [after] it seems, that America in my opinion, has gone down the tubes as far as 'morals' is concerned, real morals because it became all about Empire and Money. Now, that was going on prior to WWII, and WWI, but, it seems that across the board, culturally, we became a nation that 'spewed Godliness' on the surface but our real love, our real 'god' was $$$$, during the 50s, and it just grew from bad to worse. Now, its about OIL, about Corporations, about Capitalism, about Empire, about protecting the world's elite and that includes political Islam,

and who pays?

WOMEN, CHILDREN, that is who. Since the war in Afghanistan, they have done more, to PROTECT RAPISTS, and they have thrown women and children under the bus, same with Iraq. What is even more infuriating is the hero worship we have in this country [or flat out denial and prosecution] of raping thugs in our own military, who rape not only Civilians but hell, they rape OUR OWN WOMEN, in the Armed Services--with IMPUNITY AND PROTECTION.

What peeves me the most, is to hear Women, support this shit. I believe, and am convinced, it is just the manifestation of geo-political Racism, American exceptionalism and Idolatry, as well as this pious religious 'hypocrisy' that the West has become notorious for. [not to fret, the hypocrisy runs just as rampant in left politics and in Islam and other religions, I blame, the patriarchy on that one].

Anyway, the conditions for women and children in Afghanistan [other than the corrupt RICH] have deteriorated and it will only get worse with the addition of more troops. They won't even prosecute these war lords who daily gang rape girls...yet, they'll protect the courts who punish 10 year old girls for running away from their 'old man rapist pedophile husband' that she has been, against her will, SOLD TO,

its infuriating, to say the least, it is A MORAL INJUSTICE, A PERVERSION OF GOD'S LAWS AND AN OUTRAGE...


A report from Human Rights Watch says,

The already dire plight of women in Afghanistan risks deteriorating further as the US and its allies take steps to turn around the war against the Taliban, according to a report by Human Rights Watch today.

Eight years after the Taliban were ousted from power, rapists are often protected from prosecution, women can still be arrested for running away from home, and girls have far less access to schools than boys, the report says.

see rest of report here:

when I go to church or read a Christian bulletin or hear some one on Christian radio, brag and talk about how 'moral' we are, to send troops,



RAWA: Samia, a 14-year-old Afghan girl victim of gang-rape by warlords in Sar-e-Pul province in Northern Afghanistan. She told to an Afghan TV Channel on November 24, 2009, that the warlords not only raped but also imprisoned her father and brother when they publicized the issue and asked for justice.

[God help us, because mark my words, and the Bible is very clear on this, this nation, is one day, going to fall hard, and what has happened with impunity to Women and Girls in these countries, while we've lived fat off the land and with insensitivity, it will happen to Women and Girls here--mark my words on that one, the Babylon, of today, America, WILL FALL, one day, mark my words on that one, God is JUST--you do NOT oppress, civilians, AND NOT PAY THE REAPER ONE DAY. What peeves me the most, is the down right INDIFFERENCE of not just men but So many Women here, who 'claim' God...its just, enough to make one want to puke. Now, that in NO WAY means, I support or give voice to the Muslims who want Sharia law and who lie and abuse women, condone slavery, I do not, I am not a CULTURAL RELATIVIST, and I have a long history of slamming leftists, including when I was a communist, for that garbage--I hate the betrayals to women on all fronts, period. But, the thing is, one would Expect more, from those who profess Christ, who profess Grace, Forgiveness, Love, and when I see and/or hear, Christians, who as SINNERS celebrate or are indifferent to the rapes and horrors done to women, civilians, to other peoples, it MAKES ME ANGRY, and I know, enough reading the Word of God, it makes God angry too. What is more, is when I see/hear/read Christian women, being apathetic, even making 'excuses' for American boys, who do this garbage, I say, throw their asses in jail, and hang them out to dry--there is NO excuse, for rape, abuse, torture, of civilians and women, etc., children, there is NO excuse for kissing the hands of butchers and child butchers---and surely, not in the name of Democracy, and most definitely not, in the Name of God.]

For this reason, I don't support the wars in either Iraq or Afghanistan, one, they haven't done anything to curb terrorism, hell we got more threats now than prior to 9-11, if they were so concerned about terrorism, then they would one, stop pandering and kissing the asses of Sharia Proponents and that includes their 'banking', they would stop tolerating 'excuses' for abuses under Cultural Relativism [that goes for the far left-left too, they are hypocrites of the worst kind, anti-religion but not anti-theocracy and to hell with women, their equality is Useless argument on me],

they leave us wide open, not only that, especially in Europe, are more and more, giving way to Sharia laws while sacrificing the people, citizens and their own Constitutions, why worry about terrorism when your government is practically handing over your nation-state to the Islamists who are just like Taliban--and doing so, with YOUR TAX DOLLARS????? Sort of moronic, don't you think?

Meanwhile, the poverty 'recruitment' for the military goes on, women are raped with impunity, both civilians, children AND armed forces women, with nothing but lip service, the drug lords are in full power, the rape-war lords rule with impunity, the gap between the 'rich' and 'the poor' is so wide in those nations its not even funny, makes the French Revolution look tame in comparison,

and the rich, are laughing all the way to the bank--with the Religious folks, holding up the glasses of cheer....because hey, its all about 'our security', right?

Right...yea, like, whatever,

meanwhile, more girls today, will be gang raped while the war lords are catered to by none other than the US government. But hey, God will just continue to 'wink, wink' at America, Right?

[read the Bible, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Malachi, etc., for the answer to that one, read Amos--because judgment, one day, will be coming, to America, you can count on it.]



Sunday, December 6, 2009



from Women in Islam,

Rifqa Bary In Solitary Confinement
The vise is tightening further on Rifqa Bary, the teenage girl who converted to Christianity from Islam and then fled to Florida from her Ohio home in fear for her life. Now she is in foster care in Ohio, in imminent danger of being returned to her family, and the Ohio authorities, at the command of the Barys’ lawyer, continue to isolate her.

Rifqa Bary has been in Ohio for well over a month and still there is no “approved visitation” list of friends who are allowed to see her. How can this be? How can it be that friends who request a visit, and whom Rifqa requests to visit, are repeatedly told that “there is no approved visitation list”? Is it not the very mission by objective of children’s services to protect the health and welfare of a child? Why has this one child in particular been denied visits from friends?

Rifqa has also been deprived of access to the phone and Internet. She has also been denied “pastoral guidance.” Convicts, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles all have access to “pastoral guidance.” Rifqa’s close friend and fellow ex-Muslim, Christian pastor Jamal Jivanjee, explains: “If you are incarcerated in an American prison today, you have the right to have a visit from a Pastor. Rifqa Bary does not have this most basic right that most criminals have today.” Is that how powerful and influential Islamic supremacists have become in the state of Ohio -- that one young girl is starved of spiritual nourishment so as not to insult Islam?


see story here as well:



Monday, November 16, 2009

Questioning Christianity Part II

Greetings all,

since my last post, I've been going through this 'skeptical' period, for various reasons, and I wanted to give you an update.

I went back to the Scriptures and went to the book of Luke. Then I read Amos. [again] And I came to these conclusions:

1. Its not the scriptures but the 'abuse of scriptures' by men, by institutions, by 'religions' [referring to Christianity here] and the 'influence' of those abuses, that have been spewed for Centuries, have a negative influence, even on one who may not have read the Bible, and do so for the first time, because those 'indoctrinations', false ones I may add, condition us to see through a certain patriarchal 'lens'. Its only when you take the Bible apart, and read it, section by section, and read the entire context--rather than take out, that you see, a very different meaning.

2. Where there is the most abuse of scriptures and especially in 'cult-like' churches that are extremely patriarchal, there is also, an emphasis on Idolatry, love of money or striving for success, and a deeply rooted prejudice against the 'underclass', or those who are 'different'. In other words, the emphasis will always be first, the entitlement to 'subjugate' women, and then, the 'entitlement' to 'have' and if at the expense of others, there will always be 'justifications' along the line of 'us verses them'.

3. The patriarchal churches [or cults, fertility cults] will also gloss over numerous scriptures and 'focus' on the same ones, out of context, over and over and over and over, also, there tends to be a lot of 'money making' ministries that will also utilize the 'misery' that is caused by those teachings, meanwhile, it becomes nothing more than an industry of oppression [subtle] and 'profit off of misery'.

So, what is the answer then, write off Christianity?

Well, I thought about it, I wrestled with it, I even questioned my faith and if there truly was a God or if Jesus existed, I questioned if Jesus only died for 'men'. I even watched a video [by Muslims] that took many scriptures and portrayed the faith as the most misogynist...

but then, I went, and looked at every scripture they used--sure enough--they were taken way out of context and not only that, they were taken way out of the meaning completely,

like, ones that are often pulled from the Old Testament. There is one, that is used a lot, the statements made by Solomon. But if you go back, and read the entire books of Solomon And Proverbs, you will see that what he is saying, is

not that there isn't good women--or that women are inferior, but that, Men tend to have these 'expectations' of this perfect 'fantasy' woman [sounds familiar with men to day] and that, there IS NO SUCH THING,

and Solomon would know, he had like over 500 wives and concubines. This was a man who wanted wisdom, who wanted to find the best that life had to offer, and he found, in the end [the book of Eccl] that all that was worth living for, was a relationship with God and to live a good life, meaning, doing 'good' to others, rather than living for 'gratifying self'.

See you have to be careful with a lot of scriptures because its so easy, to construe a wrong meaning--that is why, the Word is Spirit, and Truth, not literal, 'carnal nature' of man, because we see things, from a very negative and sinful view. [our carnal nature]

Many [not all, but the good ones are very few these days] churches [women haters] will yes, use those scriptures to 'back up their misogyny', but they will completely omit, the hundreds of Other scriptures, where God reveals His Love for women. One book, is Proverbs, in fact, I believe Proverbs was written in a lot of ways, for Women...because Proverbs goes into a lot of wisdom, in how to 'avoid' the wrathful man, such as, beware of those who flatter with words and gifts. [good advice, how many of us know That lesson]

Also, in Proverbs, there is a very similar scripture, like in Eccl, that says, 'who can find a righteous man'?. Not to mention, Wisdom, is called SHE, several times, in the Bible.

When I read Amos, I saw how God hates several things [and will not turn back punishment for either]

1. ethnic cleansing, especially by raping women
2. wealth at the expense of the poor, and if you really read the Bible, the 'greed' of capitalism is no way, supported by Scripture, anywhere.
3. cities and fortresses at the expense of the poor and weak, and on blood [violence]
4. violence, including, gloating over the violence [or taking part in] the plundering of another [and not letting go of anger--meaning, generational revenge, is a big NO NO as far as God is concerned].

There are several other scriptures I found, where God slayed men, Men WHO RAPED women, who cut up women--God hates it. No ands, ifs, ors, buts about it, He hates the oppression of the weak,

in the New Testament, Jesus was very blunt, about the punishment and how God views 'child abuse', that would include forced child marriages, abusing girl children, etc.,

He said, 'it would be better for them [the abuser] to have a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the sea', and that 'their angels are always before the Face of God, reporting, on how children are treated.'

But what is also neat, about Solomon, was the story about Queen of Sheba, I read that one, and the Lord spoke through Solomon to her, She saw, how even Solomon's servants, were dressed like kings and how they lived and she was impressed,

Solomon treated her with the utmost respect, not once was she bridled for being wise or for being a 'female ruler', and Solomon's kingdom, [apart from the harems] was representative in many ways of God's Heavenly Kingdom--how women AND servants are treated,

Jesus always said, the 'last will be first, the least first, etc.', meaning, the 'hierarchy' of POWER that we value in our world, is not going to be in Heaven,

Jesus said, the greatest in Heaven is the servant here on earth--meaning, that those who have Power and status here, aren't going to be that in Heaven, because Heaven plays by a whole different set of rules--the rules of Love,

not Power, not Hierarchy [other than God and Jesus and the Angels, there is hierarchy but NOT the kind of hierarchy we have on earth], and there IS no abuse of power there.

In Acts, the first 'true' church, was in fact, communal, they distributed among themselves so that NO one was in need---and this is stressed through out the Entire New Testament.

What we have today, in the West, is so far from scripture its not even funny--I say the West because in nations where Christianity is a persecuted faith, the churches there tend to be far more along the ways and behaviors of the early church [Biblical]. Though they may still be patriarchal and misogynist, depending on the 'culture' norms and those are being challenged in many countries [a lot due to necessity for survival].

Maybe that is what it takes though--trial by fire--to purge the power and the greed and the 'sexism' from many a church, it does weed out the chaff from the wheat.

Anyway, so going back to scriptures, I found, that the problem, at least for me, was attempting to 'find' Christ in many churches, when in fact, I found the opposite, I found, a facade, a 'religion' that really, is not that different from the sexism and racism and classism that is in the world,

which leaves me to question then, How much, of the 'culture' of the world, has polluted the church? Well, the Bible says, in the end days, the church would go 'apostate',

and only a 'remnant' would be saved.

So what to do then,

well, after a long struggle, prayer, and self-reflection, I went back, and looked through, many of the 'issues' I used to be so passionate about and it dawned on me, Why was I giving those up? Why was I trying to fit into some 'American Christian mold' and become this woman, that I clearly am not? Was God really the one telling me to become this woman,

or was it 'conditioning'?

So back to the Bible and when I read Luke, then I saw it...the story of Mary, Jesus's mother, the story of Elisabeth, and the story of Anna, the Prophetess. All three of these women, praised God, for His help to them, in a very intimate way,

Mary, said, God was Her Savior [not her husband, like what many patriarchs teach]
Elisabeth said, God removed her reproach [shame] among men, because in those days, a woman's worth was only if she could produce a son...women had no 'societal' worth then, but to God, women had worth, just for being her human self. [and there are numerous scriptures to show this]
Anna, who prayed night and day, prophesied, to Mary and Joseph, [so much for the women don't have any role in the church that misogynists spew today].

Then there is the way, gentle and loving way Jesus treated women--and how God heals women, in the most intimate of ways too, those ways that 'men' deem as unclean, inferior, a curse,

the woman with the bleeding non-stop, whom Jesus healed. Jesus didn't rebuke her, and then, the woman caught in adultery, Jesus didn't condemn her, He only said, sin no more.

The men did though, they tried to stone her, but Jesus said, 'who of you that has no sin, throw the first stone'...then the Bible says, Jesus was writing in the dirt,

made me think, was He writing the Ten Commandments, like He did when He carved them on stone? [the Lord God]

Anyway, after reading Luke, I knew then...what I had to do.

I had to trust in God, and sift through, or dump, the 'wrong teachings', the 'cult indoctrinations that yes, many are taking over many churches' and well, if it means, going it alone--so be it,

and living the Life, in the Micro, because I can't do anything about the Macro. I can do my part--but we can't change it. WE, after all, are not 'gods', we're just clay.

So I'm back, working on ethical consumption, back recycling, being green, back to working in advocacy and one on one with the homeless and poor, back doing the things, I believe in,

and fighting for women's human rights and children's rights. And let me just say,

its good, to be back to my 'good' self again--maybe that is what it means, when it says, Jesus restores to us our soul.

I may not be 'mainstream' Christianity--but that's o.k., because maybe, mainstream, is not the good way--didn't Jesus say, the road to hell is wide, the gates to destruction many go through,

the way to God, is narrow,

and I do believe, that narrow way, is the way of Love [not hedonist love or tolerant to sin love, but Love that seeks the good of others]. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, NO man-woman, comes to God-Heaven but through ME.

Living the Way, living the Truth, and living the Life--in Christ,

it ain't the 'church', and its not 'easy' either [and He did say, it wouldn't be], especially because, you find yourself, going against the grain,

there is a good web site, I like, that deals with confronting the misogyny in the churches,

I will close, leaving it here.

Peace, Solidarity in Christ,

There ARE people, Christians, who are confronting the 'false' teachings and the abuses in the modern day churches...there are also, what they call, egalitarians,

so God is working.

So while I may be going against the 'grain', I find, I am not going against the grain, alone...

and that's a good thing, to Praise the Lord about. So, I'm sticking to my faith--just weeding out, the chaff,

while the Lord, does the same, in working in me. [and there is a lot of chaff still, that needs to go I might add, but He's not done with me yet!]


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Questioning Christianity

Well, in my journey, search,

I am dumping 'church'. There is more similarities between today's FACADE and CULTIC CHRISTIANITY with ISLAM, than I thought...

while I have seen the true nature of God in some jewels of the Bible in regards to women, I can not ignore the REALITY of OPPRESSION, BRUTAL MISOGYNY, that yes, is SUPPORTED BY SCRIPTURES.

Scriptures taken literally--I have thus far concluded, that UNLESS one takes the entire Bible, seriously, and FEARS GOD, FEARS PUNISHMENT FOR



then patriarchy and misogyny will go on.




the spiritual abuse and misogynist abuse [including rapes with impunity] JUST CAN'T BE IGNORED,

we can poke at Islam all we want--but the SAME BELIEFS, ARE YES, IN THE 'RELIGION' OF CHRISTIANITY,

the question is, then, what to do about them?

I don't believe the answer is in man centered philosophies or those by women but that once you peel the layers away have just as much or more hate for 'woman', womb.

I believe, maybe the answer is more on the MICRO LEVEL, that we love--overcome evil with good. And maybe, that is what the Bible really was telling us,

anyway...where I'm at now.